TVPaint/Animation Ramblings
Hey, keys drawings are basically the same as the extremes drawings right?

Yep!  Keys can also be breakdowns, or anything that defines the motion of your animation.

Hey there. Ive been wanting to learn TvPaint so badly but im frustrated almost to tears. I cant find anywhere online where it tells you how to activate pressure sensitivity! I cant use this well if i cant use my tablet. My tablet works literally with every single thing i have ever downloaded [and thats a lot]. If it helps My tablet is monoprice brand. please help D:

Hm!  If it works with everything ELSE then it might be a case of just making sure the brushes you’re using have pressure sensitivity turned on?  In the tool panel where you control the size, the lil box next to it should have a P in it, for Pressure.  If not, click and hold on it to bring up the drop down menu and go to pressure.  You’ll see that if there’s a C there then it was set to None, meaning no pressure sensitivity!

Other than that the only other thing I can think of that causes people headaches sometimes is if Paper is turned on, which can give you a nice texture but can also be super confusing if you don’t realize it’s turned on.  The toggle for this is right here:

I hope that helps!

Which brush is best for line art? I tried the inking one, but it kinda transparent-ish, you know? Do you have any ideas?

I prefer pencil brushes and even the airbrush tool for doing lines!  You can get some really textured ones, and if you work with a big enough canvas you can get your lines looking pretty sharp.  I cleaned up this lil animation with an airbrush with these settings for example:

hello, have you had much experience using the xsheet in tvpaint? I'm a bit confused and don't know how to go about it...

I’m afraid I haven’t used it at all in TVP!  I have no idea how it works, sorry!!

Hi! thanks for this blog, its been a great help! I don't know if it has already been ask but, do you know if there is anyway to import photoshop brushes? if not, is there a tvp brush library or something?

There’s no quick n simple way to import Photoshop brushes; you can import PS files though!  If you make a PS file with a bunch of different brush marks then bring it into TVP, you can create brushes from that and play around with the settings til you get something close.  To create a brush, check out my post here:

And as for a brush library, I highly recommend using a custom panel!  I can’t work in TVP without one, I go into it here under Brushes:

Do you know where I can download TVPaint for mac?

It says it’s available for Mac on the website, if you’re looking for anywhere else to download it by other means then I’m afraid I can’t help you!

hej! i got a question,whenever i animate past the 100 frame mark the save then close the tvpaint program,when i come back to open it up all the frames are compressed and small,then i added a few frames then closed it again. when i got back the frames were even smaller,i couldn't even see the single frames and then i tried to make them more visible but i couldn't find a way to,got any clues??

Ah, yeah that’s nothing to worry about!  TVP is just automatically reframing your timeline to fit the window.  All you have to do to make the individual frames visible again is just click and drag on the Z to zoom in and out in your timeline here:

Hello there! So i am very new at TVPaint and I'm very thankful for this blog here! I'm trying to export a short walk cycle gif, but whenever I try to upload it, it looks really choppy. I turned it into a TIFF and now i see that when its exporting it, it cuts out like a bunch of frames. I've already tried making it smaller in size, but it doesnt work. Any advice?

Hm, I’m not sure what could be causing that!  I use these options and they have always worked for me:

When I’m uploading a gif though I always bring it into Photoshop for adjustments and mostly to bring the filesize down to an uploadable size haha.  But messing with the framerate in PS is tricky, if you’re doin that then I can try and help you out further!  Otherwise I hope you find your answer here! c:

I need serious help understanding the mutiplane FX, ive figured out the general camera movement, but im lost on multiplane and cant find a tutorial anywhere. Hoping you can help with resources.

I honestly never use the multiplane camera in TVPaint; I understand it’s gotten better in more recent versions but unfortunately I use 8.5 which doesn’t have the most quality camera options.  I find it so much easier to just import everything into After Effects and make camera moves in there but I realize not everyone has access to AE, so I’ll just point you to the best tutorial I know which is just the user manuel! I’m pretty sure what you need is explained in there somewhere.  Sorry I can’t be more help.

Animating on 2's would be to keep the drawings exposed for 2 frames according to Eric Goldberg and other 2d animation teachers. But according Richard Williams, animator survival kit he says something like animating on 2s or 14s would be to have 14 drawings. You thoughts.?

Gonna be honest here and say that I don’t actually own that book so I can’t look up what you’re referencing, but yes animating on twos means exactly what you said.  There are 24 frames in a second for traditional animation and animating on twos means that there are 12 drawings for each second.  Not sure where the number 14 comes in!