TVPaint/Animation Ramblings
Hey, when your using software to do your animations do you do the, roughs as constructions, like in basic shapes or gesture drawings.

A little of both!  It’s important when you’re first getting into animation to learn the basics and get a feel for timing and spacing through basic construction shapes, then adding details on top of that later.  When you do rough gestures instead of basic shapes, it’s a lot easier to lose volume or go off model.  But for me, I need to get a bit of a gesture in there to carve out the emotion and motivation of the character I’m working on. Like, don’t just have a character jump, have a beat of them look up to where they’re about to jump to!  Get some emotion in there, like maybe they’re nervous or super confident or whatever.  That sorta stuff I like to build into my roughs.

It’s easy to get lost in the details but you also need to get some strong main poses in there too.  So yeah for me, I do a mixture of both.  I get the main poses figured out as roughly defined gestures and everything inbetween is a huge mess of the biggest masses figuring their way around getting to those poses with as much weight as I can give em.

That’s just me though haha, lots of people may disagree and be all CONSTRUCTION SHAPES ALL THE WAY, simplifyyyy.  And then there’s the 3D people who just spline right form the start like, how do you even do that???? But people make amazing animation that way, so!!  That’s why practice is so important, you have to find what works for you.

I hope that answered your question?

Hey again, I'm sorry to keep bothering you, I'm just a little confused at the moment. I think this program is beginning to make more sense now, the more I'm using it, but I think I'm misunderstanding something fundamental, and it's causing confusion.. I'm making an animatic to a soundtrack. I've been using the little tab within the Project view called "Select Timeline View" to move the clips to the music.But then I found out that each Project clip can actually have animations inside of them, so


I started to do that. And now I’m realizing that when I change the duration of clips within each scene, It changes how long the scene holds in the Timeline view. How do I time the animations within each scene to the music? Because it looks like I can only time the animatic to music in the project timeline view. There’s no sound once I click into the individual clips, preventing me from accurately timing things. Maybe my workflow is too complicated than it needs to be?

It sounds to me like this is a feature of the newer versions of TVPaint which I am unfortunately not familiar with!  So I don’t know how to go about any kind of workflow using it…  The version I use doesn’t have an option to make little scenes within one big project.  The way I do it without it is I just make one big animatic, then splice it up and create a new file for each separate scene with the imported animatic scene and section of sound and work on em like that.  I’m sure there’s a way to do it easier but I’m afraid I can’t be much help here!

I know you said it doesn’t play the sound within the scenes but can you put new sound in?  Once the animatic is all timed out maybe you can splice up your sound file and put it in each scene?

Hey, thanks for answering my questions! Also, I read somewhere that it's easier to press "z" on the keyboard and drag out your stylus up and down to change the size while watching it change( what I was looking for) If you don't mind though, would you make something clear for me? Is it impossible to just select something and free transform it, like in Photoshop? because I know you mentioned something about transforming earlier but it seemed like such a long process.

Yeah, I think I heard someone say there’s a free transform tool in newer versions of TVPaint, which is GREAT, but my version doesn’t have that haha.  The way I go about it is described here:

How do you change the brush size of the sketch pencil? The interface isn't too obvious with little things like that...

Right there where it says size

Hey I'm wondering you know if there any key maps the resemble the shortcuts used in flash? I'm used to that workflow and I'm sure would help me a lot since I been using flash for almost a decade.

Hm!  I’m not able to find anything, I think your best bet is just going in and creating the shortcuts yourself to your liking.  Haha it’s definitely a bit of a learning curve transferring from Flash to TVP so if you can’t figure out how to set up certain workflows, I can try and help you out there!

How do I reset my TVPaint room configurations?

I believe rooms are a feature of the newer versions of TVP that I’m not familiar with, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you out D:  The TVP forums might have the answer tho!

so im working on a scene with sound, and when i export it to a video file the audio goes to crap do you have any tips on that? also god bless this blog

What do you mean by goes to crap?  D’you mean the quality is terrible or it just doesn’t export with sound?  There aren’t any sound options in the export window (at least in the version I have) so the problem might be with your sound file.  .wav and .mp3 have always worked for me, otherwise I’m afraid I’m not sure what’s causing this!

Hey there, I'm looking at your tv paint tutorials and trying to follow along. In your "TV paint Basics lesson you talked about the H and S buttons under the timeline. I don't see them. I only see tabs that say "Project, "Clip Timeline", and " Clip X Sheet"..

Could you send me a screenshot maybe?  They might have changed it in the newer versions, I’m working with a pretty old one!

Deselect Button and Custom Tool Bars

Eyy!  So enough people from this post wanted to know how to make a deselect button soooo  actually went and played with it a bit more and realized it’s not as dumb as I thought hahaha WHOOPS.  I was just remembering something incorrectly from school I guess?  But anyway!  Playing around with the lasso tool some more, it seems like it could be a pretty efficient tool for not only creating lineless animation, but doing some shading as well without having to bother with FX.  If you up the smoothness, it not only smooths out your selection but feathers it as well so that when you fill it in it’ll be a bit blurred.  Cool!

Deselecting is easy enough when you has the lasso tool selected, all you have to do is hit the “Clear” button.  I guess I have one in my custom tool bar cos it makes it easier to deselect when you’ve moved on to use a different tool and don’t want to go back to the lasso just to deselect.  To make a custom tool bar, check out this post under “Brushes”:  To add a deselect button, right click on your panel and go Add Action.  Name it “deselect” or “clear” or “get outta here” or whatever idc.  You can even add an icon for it in the list dropdown! Then go to the dropdown box next to 0 where it says None and go to Set KeyStroke > Shape Select > Clear.  Hit Okay and there’s your button!  As you can see, there are TONS of other options that you can create a custom button for.  I keep a lot of the important ones as keyboard shortcuts but I would get nowhere fast without my custom tool bar!

Hello! Is there a way to export frames on a layer as separate png files for compositioning later? For example, I'm working on effects for an animation but I'd like to be able to save each frame as its own png with transparency for my team to edit as they see fit with another program. Thank you!

First, to export only the one layer, just hide all the other layers that you don’t want to be exported for right now.  Then all ya have to do is go to File > Export Project To… and select PNG from the dropdown box next to Format.  The Mode should be RGBA since you want alpha transparency.  Make sure the Sequence box is checked and not Single Image.  Then at the bottom, uncheck the “Background” box to give it transparency.  Then hit Export and that should give you your separate files for each frame! :)